Monday, February 20, 2017

Living, not waiting

In my last post, I talked about the waiting process we are in. Since then I've been thinking about how unsatisfying it is to just wait. What if...we lived in the present and put the 'waiting' in the background? What if...we didn't miss out on the every-day moments of our lives that amount to so much more in the end? We didn't expect to find ourselves in Nairobi, but here we are. We've decided to just live. We will hope in the future but revel in the present. We're done with waiting for life to happen to us. We're going to happen to life. 
Mercy on a bungee trampoline
Lemu getting ready to fly
Segways on a Sunday afternoon
Ice cream with our neighbor and friend, Jayden
An ice skating rink in Nairobi? Yep! And we had a great time learning to skate with our friends from Kampala. 
Nairobi has an indoor rock climbing gym too. Mercy is especially good at this with her long arms and legs.
Good old-fashioned softball in the backyard
Never too old for a piggy-back ride


The Reeds said...

So great. Love seeing this.

Shelly Whitehall said...

You are all in my prayers! As you say yes to the call of God on your lives and actually follow through on it (like you and your family have done and are still doing), there are times God will disperse and displace his people quite unexpectedly and quickly, but it was always part of His master plan so that you can reproduce the work you started in another region. Transition is tough but necessary even more so in the lives of those who actually DO the work of God because it takes God's heart and love to those who are patiently waiting on your arrival, and sets the standards for those who don't yet know what to DO anymore. Well done to you and your family, you were created for this!