Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Celebrating 11 years with some primates

July 30th is our anniversary, and this year we're celebrating 11 years of marital bliss! I mentioned this to a friend, and she kindly offered to keep our girls for a few days. I think I might have shed some tears at the offer. I really miss having family near-by to help us raise these girls. But I'm so thankful God has provided people like Elise who are willing to step in and act like family. Thanks, Elise! You earned an extra jewel in your crown.

Since our girls were in good hands over the weekend, Terrill & I trekked out to a place called Kibale Forest. It was located in west Uganda, about an eight hour drive from our Kampala home. One of the most special moments of the entire trip was when we drove on this canopied road on the way to our lodging. Seeds were falling from the treetops and looked like little parachutes floating to the ground. It was magical, and reminded us of the canopied roads back home in Tallahassee.
 Not knowing how much longer we'd be in Uganda, we sold our vehicle to the girls' Uncle Hillary (new Ik Member of Parliament) back in June. Since then, we've been driving rented and borrowed vehicles. A big thanks to a new friend, Kelly Rompel, who is letting us use her vehicle for our remaining time in Uganda. We love this little truck!
 Our time in Kibale Forest was spent mainly relaxing and taking walks through the rainforest. No responsibilities except avoiding snakes!
 Oh yeah, we avoided the safari ants as well...
 We took several guided walks to locate and view the local primate population. These are red colobus monkeys having a snack. We saw five other types of primates as well.
 And in nearby Bigodi Swamp, we saw this pygmy monitor lizard sunbathing:
 When we weren't walking, we were reading and having tea at a lodge called The Chimp's Nest.
 11 years...we feel older, but are trying to embrace the process of aging, and look at our relationship as a fine wine that is just getting sweeter with time.