Sunday, May 29, 2016

More on Kampala life...

The girls' uncle Hillary has been sworn in as a Member of Parliament. A group of Ik were transported down to show their support. Hillary is the man in the middle.
Terrill & Uncle Hillary after the ceremony
This is Janet's first story. She just started stringing words together in sentences this month.
Janet & Lemu also made a menu for their cafe.
Someone gave me the idea of photographing the girls art and saving it digitally instead of keeping every piece in storage.

We decorated gingerbread men at a local bazaar. Grandma Marilyn would be proud of their decorating efforts.
Getting comfortable on Silver Queen
Sitting confidently on her horse, Heath
Doing a flip on the trampoline
Flying high
We seriously need to nurture the girls' athletic abilities.
We've been cooking with different foods (like cauliflower as big as my head). Having access to better nutrition in Kampala is really improving all of our health.
We also get out once in a while for a cup of cocoa.
Yep, still in Kampala...but not having the worst time either.

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