Monday, June 15, 2015

Caterpillar world

It's funny how so many details of the world around us escape our notice...unless we have a reason to focus our attention on them. This year, since trying to get into photography a bit more, I've noticed many of the small creatures that live and move around us in Ikland. For example, we have seen so many types of caterpillars in the last couple of months. We've lived in Ikland for almost six years, but I don't recall seeing most of these worms before. Now that I have a camera, their presence calls out to me to be noticed. This is a neat reminder of all the small animals God has made, each with their own life and death dramas, that we usually completely overlook.

But now, through the eye of my lens, I am seeing the world of Ikland anew.

In this post I want to introduce you to a few of the specimens we have observed around our place:

First, this bright green slug with four horns and a sharp beak:
Second, this multi-colored worm with a little orange mark on its back:
 Third, this furry guy with poisonous hairs it raised when I got close to it:
 Fourth, this bizarre unicorn slug with a single blue antenna:
 Fifth, this huge (4-5 in.) caterpillar with sharp spines and a voracious appetite:
 Sixth, this fuzzy white fellow hanging off a blade of grass over the trail:
Seventh, this worm with a cool spiky hairdo:
 Lastly, here we have some kind of stand-off between a beetle and a caterpillar:

Perhaps we should now be on the lookout for the beautiful butterflies and moths these caterpillars are soon to be become!


The Reeds said...

Great shots!

Notinthewild said...

Well you know I loved this post. :) I think the unicorn-horn caterpillar has the horn on its butt! Fave is the guy with four horns and a beak...