Friday, April 17, 2015

(Grand)parental presence

Somehow during Amber's recent trip abroad, the girls and I made it through the first week fairly well. But then my parents, Arlin & Velma, flew over from the States to help lighten the load. And lighten the load is exactly what they did! Janet and Lemu had met my mother a year and a half ago but had never seen my dad. When they finally met, there was almost no adjustment period. My parents got started right away being grandparents, and the girls wasted no time getting into their role either:

After a week together in Kampala, filled with lots of swimming, Amber rejoined us with much love and goodies to go around. Then we headed north toward Ikland. On the way the first day, we got stuck in a huge traffic jam near Jinja that held us for three hours. Last time my mom was here in 2013, we got stuck in a never know what kind of road adventures you'll have in Uganda:

 The trip back to Timu is long and arduous but was made easier this time with the help and presence of (grand)parents. LeapFrogs, bubblegum, and a few pit-stops didn't hurt either:

When we passed the hand-painted JIE sign, we knew we were back in Karamoja, the land of blue skies, red dirt, and green foliage:

Once we were back home in Timu, we had just a little less than a week with Mom and Dad. They helped us so much and were an incredible blessing. They did the girls' homeschooling, read to them, helped with cooking, did ALL the dishes, offered moral support, engaged us in great conversations and were all around amazing encouragers as we shared our Icien life together:
Mom and Dad, the four of us love you and thank you for sacrificing your time, money and energy to come over here and invest in our well-being.

To you we say: Mission accomplished!


robjoysu said...

Great set of pictures- the colors and contrasts. A good story too with both grandparent visits.

Phil said...

Thanks for the pictures and the narrative about the grand parental visit! We look forward to meeting your daughters some day. And on a facetious note, how was that doll stuffed upside down behind the seat in your vehicle supposed to breathe? :)

Sam Beer said...

Such great photos! Sounds like it was a refreshing couple of weeks--I'm glad for that.

Notinthewild said...

Love to see those beautiful girls looking so proud with their grandparents.