Sunday, January 25, 2015

On turning six

We haven't shared stories and photos in a while and there is a very good reason for it...visitors. Whenever someone comes to see us, we drop out of virtual communication and focus on face to face communication. Do forgive us, but understand how important it is to make the most of face time with people you love. My parents have just visited for the past three weeks and we had a marvelous time together. More about their visit in another blog. For this blog, I need to backtrack to Janet's birthday on December 22nd, 2014. Our girl turned six.

What does it mean to an Ik girl growing up with American parents in Uganda? For the first four years of her life, it meant nothing. She didn't even know what a birthday was until we went to the hospital where she was born and gave her a date. On her fifth birthday, she learned real quickly how fun it is to be celebrated on a special day. 

So for her sixth birthday, she knew what was coming. We asked her what she'd like to eat: pizza. We asked her what she'd like to do: swimming. We asked her who she'd like to do it with: friends. Since we were in Entebbe, all of her wishes were granted. Pizza, swimming, and friends might seem like weekly activities for many American children, but for Ugandan kids...those things are special. I'm glad that my girls are growing up with an appreciation for the simple things in life. 

Opening a few presents
A pizza party with friends
She eats more of this stuff than I do.
I tried making her a skillet cake but I couldn't regulate and heat and the bottom got burned. They still enjoyed eating the top. When cake is involved, kids are very forgiving.
We were at a pizza place located right on the shores of Lake Victoria. The girls LOVE sand and water. It was an ideal birthday activity. 
Swimming with friends in the lake. I'll probably have to treat them for bilharzia in a few months (a parasite that lives in these waters), but it will have been worth it for the experience.
"Hi, mom."
The Lord has brought a beautiful girl into our home and we're so blessed to call her ours for as long as the Lord allows it. She is a loving and kind girl with such a tender heart. She is strong, athletic, and competitive. She likes to draw, do puzzles, and help in the kitchen. Her favorite toy is a baby doll and we can already tell that she'll be an amazing and attentive mother one day.

Pray for Janet (her real name is Mercy Kaloyang) as we start Kindergarden this year. Pray that she'll grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord. That her heart will be sensitized to the things of God. Pray that she'll embrace the truth and turn her back on falsehood and deceit (which is a cultural struggle). Pray that she'll feel loved and secure in our family, so she may grow and flower into a healthy young woman despite the trauma of her past.

Happy 6th Birthday to our sweet girl!!

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The Reeds said...

Love it! It looks like a special celebration. The swimming looks lovely but as soon as I saw it bilharzia was my thought too. Maybe no one will get it?! We got your card and were so blessed. Happy for the blessing of a family's visit for you guys.