Tuesday, December 23, 2014

November in Timu...

...was full. We stayed busy with visitors, activities, and daily life alongside the Ik. As is my (Amber) way, a picture collage will tell the story of our month.
Since most Ik girls are working hard alongside their mothers, they don't come to play often. These two little boys have become very good friends to our girls and come almost every day (although I suspect lunch has something to do with it). Janet & Lemu were teaching them chalk-drawing.
My girls love babies and hold them at every opportunity. This baby was only two weeks old. The mothers come to me for medicine, soap and baby clothes.
A crippled friend of ours miraculously delivered a healthy child. We're praising God that she didn't have complications in the village setting. 
Janet & Lemu's half-sister, Akello Prisca, is now five months old.
The three sisters together during an unexpected visit. 
Janet & Lemu with their mother (center) and two aunties.
Sadly, they also lost a cousin a few weeks ago. The child was stillborn, but the family still held a ceremony for her.
We found this critter in the leaves. He's quite cleverly camouflaged. 
Naan is a yeast bread that I can cook on the stovetop. I've been making it weekly instead of other bread. One week I made a triple batch to take to friends. 
Good Entebbe friends came for a visit to Timu. You know they're good friends when they're willing to drive 14 hours to see you...not just anybody will do that! 
An Abyssinian roller we spotted on a drive to Kaabong from Timu. Terrill enjoys bird-watching.
We've had some incredible holiday meals with our Kaabong friends already. Even though we're in Karamoja, things can still be festive. 
Our Kaabong buddy Memphis had a birthday last month. The girls and I baked him a really big cookie. I'm teaching them at a young age that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! (Not that they're chasing boys yet!)
Slumber party fun with Kaabong friends Victory and Abby.
Before we left Timu in early December, we had a little Christmas celebration of our own. This is our second Christmas with the girls and they enjoy making Jesus a birthday cake. 
Their Great Grandma Doris had sent early Christmas presents so they could open something in Timu. They were delighted to find new babies. See below...they are both devoted mothers. 

We are currently staying at a friend's house in Entebbe. The neighbors have little boys who, even better, have little bikes. After just one day, Janet was riding a two-wheel bike easily. She's a natural athlete.
Lemu excitedly found a tiny bike is getting used to the feel of it with training wheels. She says she'll move up to a two-wheeler when she turns five (next April). 
Being silly as they wait at the doctor's office. 
It's late and we're tired, so we'll close this post and say good-night.


The Reeds said...

I love all of the pictures. The bird, the birthday cake, the slumber party. I hope the girls had fun with friends. Their babies are cute too.

Notinthewild said...

Ooh, you can make naan?? Does that translate across continents? :)
Thank you for the wonderful photo journey. Looks like Akello is shaping up to be a cutie like her devoted sisters. Can't believe Janet learned to ride a bike in two days!!