Saturday, November 29, 2014

November memories

Life has been routine since the last time we wrote. It is still rainy season in Timu and we're so thankful for a bigger house where the kids can play inside without driving us bonkers. 

We are helping a few young men start up small businesses and pray that these businesses will thrive and support the families of these men for years to come. Pray for Lopeyok Simon who is starting an apiary (grouping of bee hives) for a honey business. Pray for Tengan Emmanuel who is opening a small shop in Timu to sell basic goods that the Ik can not get otherwise. 

As always, some photos:
Local Ik were growing cabbages bigger than my head. 
Bounty of the earth after a market-run. 
The girls discovered a gold beetle. They are quite interested in bugs at this age.
Trying to picture-read. Janet will turn six next month and start Kindergarden soon. 
Terrill trying a local millet drink from a local cup.
A visit with the midwife who begs me often for knit caps.
Practicing the art of carrying goods on their heads.
Shadow fun
Their favorite toy: the sandbox. They are making model villages out of sand and sticks.
Little boys throwing a spear through a small, round hoop to practice for hunting one day.
A new village going up.
An evening walk to collect wildflowers.
Timu beauty 

We won't be at home for Christmas, so we put the tree up early and have listened to Christmas music for a week already. The girls love the lights and the festive mood of the tree.


The Reeds said...

Love the pics. Those cabbages are awesome! I still remember when we fried cabbage together in Kb. I did it a month or two ago and thought of you the entire time (we dipped it in milk then in flour).

Anonymous said...

Great harvest! Will any of this be able to be stored for later? You mayo get folks knitting caps by the dozen now :). Jimmie

Notinthewild said...

Hurrah for gold beetles and little girls!

Glennys Shank said...

I've read, reread and pondered over this blog of yours numbers of times, Terry!!! It's truly a marvel how devoted you are to your task with languages, and Amber to supporting you and caring for those dear little ones!! Is my recent discovery correct that there are roughly 6, 909 spoken languages in the world today, with 2,110 living languages being in Africa?!! I just CANNOT understand that!! Here's some reassurance for you: "The righteous...shall not be afraid of evil tidings: his heart is fixed, trusting in the Lord." ---Psa. 112:6-7. Grandma S.