Sunday, October 5, 2014

In the meantime

We are in Kampala once again. For those of you who are not on Twitter or Facebook, we got the passports about three weeks ago. Well, we didn't get them but the girls' Uncle Hillary got them and held them for us. We picked them up from Hillary a few days ago. The joy of holding those small books in our hands was indescribable. Anyway, after news of the passports getting printed, we immediately got online and made a visa appointment with the US embassy in Kampala. This is the final step before being cleared to purchase the plane tickets is also the most uncertain step in our minds. 

Friends in Uganda say there is a 50/50 chance of getting the type of visa that we want. Much will depend upon the officer who interviews us. However, we know that all is in God's hands and we trust in His will for our whether we get these visas or not...we believe it will be God's best for us. My prayer for the past few weeks/months has been that I'll have peace and contentment even when things don't go my way...and the Lord has been faithful in this time of waiting. I feel prepared for whatever decision is made. The truth of the matter is that we'll be relieved just to have some sort of answer by Tuesday (when we have our interview at the embassy). It's been tough living in a place of unknowns and not being able to plan for the future. Another of God's lessons in this season! Would you all pray for us on Tuesday? I'll let God guide you in how to pray, but our desire is that this experience will result in spiritual growth in both of our lives, whether the embassy says 'yes' or 'no'. The appt. is at 10am (3am eastern time). 

I also had to throw a few photos into this post. There's nothing like photos to give you a window into our lives! 
Janet & Lemu with their mother (Alice) and half-sister (Akello). They're sitting in front of Alice's house.
Enjoying sister time.
Lemu is now the middle child. She'll have to get used to not being the youngest, but it looks like she enjoys caring for a younger sis.
I never used to make pizza for just Terrill & I (in eight years of marriage). But, when we got the girls, their preferences soon became known. Now we bring a round of cheese up to Timu and eat pizza as often as possible. 
Love-attack...they do this often. Neither of them remembers their dad well, so they are holding on to Terrill all the more tightly. 
Gourds on the vine. The Ik grow them to use as containers, but many are also sold to outsiders (mostly Kenyans) for profit.
We bought a few and turned them into home decor, affixed to our hanging lights. Trying to keep our decorating local!


The Reeds said...

We will be praying on Tuesday. I love the gourd lights. ;)

Notinthewild said...

OH my goodness am loving these pictures. Both my nieces look like they were born for the role of Big Sis! And of course Terrill for the role of being love-attacked.:) Prayers for Tuesday for sure.

Keith and Doreen said...

Prayers for you as you have your appointment only 4 hours from now. Love the pictures.