Saturday, January 4, 2014

Janet's 'First' Birthday

On the 22nd of December, Kaloyang 'Janet' Mercy turned five years old. It was her first time to celebrate a birthday. When I asked the day before what she'd like for breakfast, she promptly replied, "Pizza!" Not exactly what I was hoping she'd say. But in the spirit of her birthday, I was up at 7am making pizza crust and sauce. And for those of you who know me really well, it was a stretch to get me up at that time. 
Janet with her birthday pizza. We usually don't have cheese but my grandmother had sent a Christmas package to us in early December and it contained a packet of vacuum-sealed Muenster cheese from Ohio. Quite a treat! And yes, the cheese did well in the mail (hint, hint). Where did Janet get a hankering for pizza? Every time we visit Kampala, it's the girls' favorite food. It seems that the love of pizza is universal.

After breakfast, Janet unwrapped her very first present. She just stared at it for some time before we showed her how to rip the paper. But once started, she got the hang of it. 

Around lunchtime, our friends from Kaabong showed up for a proper party. 
 Janet tasting her birthday cake.
 And being silly afterwards. We think it means she is happy.
She had a few more presents to open after cake. Lemu is trying to help and eagerly awaiting for her own birthday to arrive.
It was a very happy birthday for our village girl. When we brought her into our home, we vowed to make her smile. I believe she now associates birthdays with happy times.


The Reeds said...

That's so neat. What neat memories.

Calvin & MJ said...

Wish we could have been there. Janet truly looks happy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Janet !!!

Love, Eric and Theresa Camil

Richard and Sally Hoffman said...

The Ik have the right idea about "eating their own birthdays"☺☺!! Happy Birthday AGAIN, dear Janet!!
Love, Rich and Sally