Monday, January 27, 2014

Dry season

January has been a tough month in Timu. It's dry season, people are burning the grass everywhere, and all sorts of irritants annoy our sinuses. But we stuck it out, stuck to our work, enjoyed some smoked cheese that our family sent over in a package, and have made it to the end of the month. Now we're in Mbale (southern Uganda) and on our way to Kampala tomorrow. For the month of February, Terrill will be participating in a workshop that will address issues with the alphabets of five different Ugandan languages. He'll be a consultant for one of those languages. We're looking forward to this opportunity to get away from a dry Timu and for Terrill to learn a little something as a linguistics consultant. As for the girls and I, we have big plans: preschool activities, swimming and running errands. They love Kampala, so we heard no complaints from them about the trip. 

But looking back at January, here are a few shots of the girls. 
They've been climbing trees!
Walking with their cousin, Kitella.
Watching the fire. 
Terrill burned our yard in the evenings to make a fire-break so that no other fires would overtake our compound and cause havoc.
Lemu found a rubber duck in the grass that had been burned. The duck was badly wounded and required a bandage. I think all of my wound care is rubbing off on her.
They enjoy donning their aprons, sitting on my island, and mixing whatever happens to be in the bowl. 
They also enjoy rolling chapatis out. 

And does indeed save me time when washing dishes.
Janet has gotten into coloring and has learned to stay inside the lines...thanks to Grandma Velma.
Terrill was attempting to work but was 'hug ambushed'.  Don't ask me why she was wearing floaties. 

Ah...sisters. I'm SO thankful that they like each other...and I don't usually have to force it. ;-)

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Notinthewild said...

Each picture is a microcosm of delight!