Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby Jesus's Birthday

Finally, after days of trying to load pictures on the blog, I've succeeded. But I cannot complain about internet connection or speed, because a friend reminded me recently that I'm blessed to live as a missionary in a time when internet is available at all! Even a mere twenty years ago, this was not the case. 

We spent Christmas eve and Christmas morning in Timu. It was a fun time for both us and the girls, making memories and explaining to them why we celebrate. Since Janet had just had a birthday, they knew what birthdays were. But it was still a pretty foreign concept for them to celebrate. They had helped me put up our small four ft. tree the week before. I had a string of white lights wrapped around the tree and Lemu would ask multiple times a day if she could turn the lights on. There is just something magical about Christmas lights; they seem to change the mood of any room. 
Christmas Eve we bought a chicken and had our day-guard slaughter it. We also bought a bag of sweet potatoes from a neighbor needing cash. So for dinner, it was baked chicken and sweet potato fries. We ate in the living room while watching the movie, The Nativity. It's a mostly accurate and child-friendly depiction of the Christmas story. The girls talked of that movie for days afterwards. They were especially drawn in to it because it involved the birth of two babies (John and Jesus). And my girls love babies! 

Christmas morning found us baking a chocolate birthday cake for Jesus. (By the way, I baked this cake on the stovetop in a skillet that had a lid. While Aunt Mary Jane was around, she helped me find recipes that would do well on the stovetop so we wouldn't have to start the oven up (and waste gas) every time I wanted to bake. Maybe I'm late to this whole concept of stovetop baking, but I think it's a pretty cool solution to the question of resource (our gas) conservation.) 

So the girls got up and decorated Jesus's cake with sprinkles and candles. And Terrill was making us a southern breakfast of eggs and grits. Add in some coffee and lit candles and it became quite the cozy scene.
We had a few presents to open, thanks to the generosity of our families. Below Janet is trying a new crocheted hat from Great Grandma Stutzman on her much-loved baby. 
 They also received a neat Nativity Playmobil from Great Aunt Karen. And when they opened it and saw all the pieces...can you guess what they were drawn to? If you guessed Baby Jesus, you were right. 
At lunchtime, we got dressed up in our finery and went to Kaabong to spend the rest of the day with our baptist friends. They had prepared a typical American meal and the mood was festive. It turned out to be our best Christmas in Uganda. 


Notinthewild said...

Aww so sweet that the best Christmas so far was with those babies! And I mean Janet and Lemu, not just John and Jesus! ;)

The Reeds said...

That's so beautiful that it was your best Christmas yet. And so sweet that it was their first with you.