Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Life's mishaps

Our internet has been unreliable lately, so we're a few weeks behind on blogs. 

At the beginning of December (while we were in Kampala, thankfully), Janet broke her right arm. We were at our usual guest house and we had neighbors with kids. One of the boys was Janet's age. Together they climbed up a four ft. wall and jumped off. Since Janet was holding the boy's right hand with her left hand, she braced her fall with her right hand. It cracked her radius bone. It was a Friday evening at 7pm. She walked into the room where I was sitting with a sad look on her face and said, "My arm broke." I saw it hanging limply and made a sling. At this point, the arm didn't hurt much. Terrill arrived home and we started out for a hospital which was a 10 minute drive from where we were staying. 

IHK (International Hospital Kampala) was not busy that night. We found the ER easy enough and she was seen by a doctor in a matter of minutes. We waited a little for the x-ray, but that was also done pretty quickly according to any hospital's standards. The x-ray showed a break and we were taken to a treatment room (below), where the doctor realigned her arm and casted her. This was the painful part. But our brave girl sat there without fighting. Big tears rolled down her cheeks as they set the bone and casted her arm. Within minutes, it was done. And the total cost: $70. I was pretty impressed with IHK's emergency room and I would recommend this facility to anyone in Uganda. 

Here we are three weeks later, having survived the holidays and Janet's 5th birthday with a heavy cast. But God has been gracious to our family and we've managed to work around it. In a little over a week, she's due to have the cast cut off. Please pray with us for healing of her bone and restored use of her arm. She's eager to get back to playing as roughly as ever!

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The Reeds said...

Ouch! We've also hung out in that ER. It was busy though... Seeing the photo of Terrill holding Janet's head as she cried brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad she's healing and I pray for complete healing of her arm.