Monday, November 4, 2013

We've moved!

This week marks a milestone in our life in Uganda. After three grueling months of building, waiting, and yearning for something just out of our reach...we've moved into our new house. October 31st was the big day. Since then, we've been putting things away, organizing, and cleaning the endless clouds of cement dust out of the house. I can't describe to you the freedom I feel in getting out of small quarters and into a living space with breathing room. It's actually given me a renewed motivation and energy for being in Timu. We're not just organizing our stuff...we're organizing how our new life will look with little girls in it. Pray that we would have wisdom and be attuned to the Spirit's leading as we decide how to be involved with community life in Timu. 

Before moving in, we had to travel to Kaabong to pick up a bed, couch and chairs for the living room. Calvin did a marvelous job of tying everything down. I didn't do so marvelously at driving us back to Timu, but we made it safe and sound. 
Poor Mary Jane had to ride in the back on the mattress with the girls. The girls didn't think it was such a tragedy though. 
A shot from the girls' room looking out into the kitchen/dining area. We love having all the open space.
Doing dishes in my new kitchen for the first time.
The girls in their new bed...the first that either of them has ever called their own. 
 I had given up on the hope of refrigeration in the house because it costs a lot to get a solar refrigerator and the propane refrigerators use up a lot of fuel. These past four years, we've been living without refrigeration. But then Calvin arrived! He installed an outlet underneath my counter that fits the cord for a cooler we use in the car (that usually hooks into the lighter). Now I can bring cheese, yogurt, butter and meat up to Timu and they'll last for longer. Notice that most of our 'wish list' is dairy....we REALLY miss dairy. ;-)
The girls are enjoying all the extra space as well. They're playing house under these chairs. For the first few days, they kept walking around the new house saying, "We're so excited."
 This looks unremarkable to you, I know. But to us, it means functioning, flushing toilets. The plumbing is now all hooked up with only tiny leaks.
I used to have plastic boxes filled with all our food. No more! Now I have cupboards in which to put things away. 
 More pictures of the house to follow...but for now, I need to make Terrill & I some afternoon tea.


Notinthewild said...

Just looking at all the space makes me take deep breaths!

Andrew Sandeen said...

Congratulations! I love the island in your kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful new home !!! Enjoy !!!


Eric and Theresa

The Reeds said...

Wow you guys! I love it! I can't believe that's in Timu. Wow. and that long without refrigeration? You deserve a big hunk of cheese, to celebrate. And I love the tea pot. :)

Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

Ever since y'all started building this house, we've nicknamed it "The House on the Rock" (Matthew 7:24-25) because of the Christlike obedience to His Word, honoring Him with your lives, of the family who would live here☺☺☺☺. And now you four are IN it, thanks to all the help of many dear and Godly friends and relatives from many places who have helped you build it and move in. May the ROCK HIMSELF grant you many months of love, joy, and ministry in it.
Much love,
Rich and Sally

Swartzendruber said...

Your house is lovely! So glad for you and that you have such good help. Enjoy that afternoon tea!
Anthony & Debbie Swartzendruber

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Even with all its 'quirks', it's clear that this house is going to be such a blessing to you all and the Ik community! Wish I could come over for a cup of afternoon tea and play house with the girls. :)
- Kate