Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Humble abode

Okay- these are the last pictures I'll post of the house. I promise. We're just so excited to be here and are enjoying all the additional space. Have I said that already? ;-)
Kitchen island
Kitchen cupboards
Kitchen/dining area
Guest/girls bathroom
Living room (medicine cabinet to the left) 
Girl's room
Our bedroom (bathroom in the back)
Our bathroom
Frontside of our bedroom (used as office for now)
Storage (attached to garage)
Solar set-up in storage
Front of house
Water supply
 These are before and after shots. Before, we were not set up to have family dinners. Now, we are. Everyone is happier about it.
If you've not read about some of the difficulties in us getting to this point, read the previous blog. ;-)


The Reeds said...

Love it! I can't believe you have a real toilet. Awesome.

Grace H. said...

LOVE it! I especially love the island! I like the brick! Congrats!