Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Curtains that keep on giving

So...aunt Mary Jane brought a hand-cranked Singer sewing machine from the 1950's over to Uganda with her. She was going to teach me how to sew and we were going to do little projects together. It's been going great and I'm finding that I enjoy creating stuff out of nothing. Well, almost nothing...

I'm not a packrat by nature. The opposite really. I consider myself pretty simplistic in what I keep around our home and we organize and clear out pretty frequently. But I have kept one thing (that I wasn't using at all) for the past four years hidden away in a box. I just couldn't bring myself to give it away because it was a set of curtains my grandma Stutzman had made. Things are just more special when they come from Grandma. Back in 2009, we had contemplated moving to another Ik area (Kamion), and Grandma had made curtains for the entire house (multiple windows). Then when we moved to Timu instead, I had curtains that didn't fit my windows. So I kept the curtains hidden away for a later time. And that time arrived with the Singer sewing machine. 

The curtains finally saw the light of day after being hidden for so long. And Mary Jane & I have found the material to be a huge blessing. It is durable and it came in huge quantities. Being a missionary, I must be frugal with what comes from America...because it just ain't easy to get quality material in Uganda. (Yes, I'm married to a linguist and just said ain't.) 

The first project was to make curtains for several spaces in the kitchen to hide cleaning supplies, propane tanks and such. 
Next, we made curtains for the pantry shelves to hide them from prying eyes. 
Then, we had a rocking chair that needed a new seat cover. 
Then, Terrill remarked on our ugly couch pillow covers, and they were replaced with new ones. We also started tearing the material into strips and braiding it into rugs. Never done this before, but Mary Jane is a pretty brave gal and has jumped into many new projects with me. She had seen her grandma braiding rugs years ago and we decided to give it a try.
Here, Mary Jane has just finished making a cover for the sewing machine.
And yesterday, we made a baby mattress and pillow for the girls' doll bed. No picture yet. In conclusion, you never know what will come in handy years down the road...so don't be so quick to throw away what comes from Grandma. ;-)

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Larry said...

Love your projects. I agree, I love making stuff out of other stuff!! My grandmother made all the rugs in her mountain N.C. summer home from wool clothes she would buy at Goodwill. The red fabric is so cheerful and happy. Mary