Monday, October 7, 2013


When we got Janet and Lemu back in April, the adjustments to life that came along with them were quite challenging. We knew we were going to need some help. Terrill's mother, Velma, was the first to answer our call. She kindly agreed to come over to Uganda for the month of August. How glad we were to welcome 'Gulamma' (as the girls call her) into our lives for a time. She and the girls quickly bonded:

Gulamma came to offer us encouragement and advice, to help out with daily chores as we labored to build a new house, and to spend time teaching Janet & Lemu English. The girls loved going to 'school' for a couple of hours each morning in Velma's hut: coloring, writing numbers, singing, playing, being read to, and jabbering away in their ever-expanding English.

But all too soon, Gulamma's visit was over. We were sad to bid her farewell at Entebbe airport but look forward to the next time we see her! Thanks again, Mom, for coming over here, and Dad too, for letting her!

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