Monday, October 28, 2013

An updated house

We're almost there. It's almost finished. After three months of stress and toil, our new house is about move-in ready. It took a little over a week to get painted. Missionary friends just arrived this past weekend with solar equipment and were able to install it for us. Terrill & his uncle are working on the plumbing and should be done in the next few days...and then...a new abode for us! 
The front of the house (above). The back of the house (below).
Side view with Terrill charging up the hill while cleaning the compound.
My kitchen counters, made of cement and bricks.
The new island in my kitchen.
Clay tiling in the girls' bathroom.
(As a side note, the girls' aunt came for a visit with her baby daughter, Jenna. Janet & Lemu love to carry Jenna around acting like she's their baby. Speaking of Janet, we had a visit with their mother last weekend and learned something remarkable. Janet's name is not Janet at all...but Mercy. Janet was the name of the nurse who assisted Alice to deliver her Alice nicknamed her baby Janet but named her Mercy. Unfortunately, none of the relatives knew this and nobody told us until this past weekend. Even Alice calls her 'Janet' and not 'Mercy'. TIA. Only in Africa would we live with a girl for six months and not know her legal name. What to do now as all her paperwork has the name 'Janet' on it? As of right now...she goes by either name. We'll deal with a name change in the future.)
Lemu was 'helping' Uncle Calvin as he altered the doors to fit in the frames.
A shrew or a mouse? I'm not sure...but this little fellow scampered out of my shoe one morning as I went to put my foot into it. And that is why people must check their footwear!
A finished door. All doors are in place now after days of chiseling and sawing them to fit. The custom fit that we ordered did not exactly come to us that way.
Uncle Calvin & Aunt Mary Jane have already been a God-send! Below Calvin is fixing a weed-eater that we could have never fixed on our own.
Well, that's our week and the updates to the house. Stay in tune for more...


David and Sunshine Okken said...

Wow! It looks great!

The Reeds said...

So great! Praying we can come visit in the next few years.

Anonymous said...

Your new house looks beautiful !!!


Eric and Theresa

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