Sunday, August 11, 2013

Building for the future

When we finally finished building the compound we currently live in (pictured below), we never would've thought we'd build again in Ikland.

But with the addition of Janet & Lemu to our family, we decided we'd like to expand our living facilities a little bit. The site we selected is about a 5-minute walk from where we are now. It's just past the homestead of Lojere and Nachem, our closest Ik neighbors (and Janet & Lemu's uncle and aunt). It's slightly down the hill and a little way off the main thoroughfares. The house we're living in now is less than 300 sq. ft., and the one we're building is 1000 sq. ft., with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living/dining/kitchen room, with a small shed and garage off the back.

We're in Kampala now, but just before we left we gathered enough materials for the builders to begin their work. Here are some photos of how the site looked when we left:

The main raw ingredients for the kind of building they do here are: rocks, gravel, sand, water, bricks, and cement. The pictures show that the footers for the foundation had also been dug. It's a bit unnerving having the construction underway without us there, but the trade-off was having the project two weeks ahead, which seemed like a good deal to us. We hope to be in the house by October.

Building a bigger, more permanent house means we are positioning ourselves for maybe 5-10 more years among the Ik. At any rate, we hope to be there long enough to finish the core linguistic work, help the translation get off the ground, support new missionaries coming with other organizations, and give Lemu and Janet a chance to really know their father's language, culture, and family members. At this point, we don't know all that building this house will entail, but we are building for the future. And we hope that the investment we are making will yield good returns for God's kingdom for many years to come.

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