Monday, July 22, 2013


We've been posting a lot recently about Janet & Lemu, for good reason: they were a HUGE change and are a HUGE part of our lives. But other changes have been taking place too. Like Amber mentioned in a previous post, she has ended her official clinic hours to spend more time with the girls and to avoid some major mismanagement issues on the part of the local staff. She still does wound-care and helps treat more serious cases, but the days of handing out hundreds of doses of drugs for coughs, colds, and body aches are (mostly) over.

Since getting Janet & Lemu in April we've also been longing for a bigger living space. The rock hut we built in 2009 was designed for just two people and was perfect for just me and Amber. But with the children, it's a little crowded. Since the beginning of June we've been making moves to build a new house in a slightly different place. It took us a long time to find an arrangement that we can afford. The cheapest way seems to be to buy the materials ourselves and hire out the skilled labor. As of today, we have the house site cleared and have gathered some of the raw materials like rocks and sand. We still need to get cement, bricks, and water. Hopefully construction will start in early August and be mostly done by the end of September (optimistic, I know). Building another house here means that we are making room for us to live here another five to ten years, God willing.

Another wind of change blowing through our lives is in the area of translation. Due to some serious staff problems, the Bible translation is now on hold for a while. It seems that after several years of trying to make translation happen (and failing), it's time to step back and wait for the Ik church to feel the need themselves and seek out help if they want it. The Ik church (Assemblies of God, Anglican, and Catholic) use English and Karimojong Bibles but haven't shown much support for what I've been trying to do. I think they saw it as 'Terrill's project' and that of a few people who were making nice salaries. It was time to clear the air, let things settle, and see how God wants to move the translation forward. For the time being, we are going to focus on building the house, growing our family, working on the linguistic foundation for translation, and being good neighbors. We are as committed as ever to the Living Word of God being known among the Ik, and we are exploring different options for how scripture translation might continue in the future.

Please continue praying for us and praying with us for the Ik people. If you'd like more details about the changes we are going through, feel free to contact us.

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Praying for you guys and for God to move people's hearts as only He can! Love you both so much, Kate