Monday, May 20, 2013

Happy girls

We've now spent three weeks in Kampala and it's been a wonderful time of connecting with the girls, establishing routines and growing as a family. Tomorrow I go to visit a lawyer regarding the requirements for legal guardianship. We appreciate your prayers as we care for these children. One of our goals is to make them feel loved and secure. May it be so, Lord. 


Notinthewild said...

What sweeties. A pleasure to see even the thoughtful little Janet smiling happily.

Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

ILAKASON: Is it any wonder that the Icetot words for "HAPPY" and "THANK YOU" have the same root? For these HAPPY GIRLS, THANK YOU, LORD☺☺☺ and THANK YOU, TERRILL & AMBER☺☺☺☺!!!!!

Larry said...

Love the back-seat photos... Such a reminder of our twin granddaughters and their many recorded back-seat photos. Lots of timely bonding going on along a road less traveled... :-)