Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fun in south Uganda

We've now been fostering these girls for 3.5 weeks, and it's been quite the adventure. We came down to Kampala last Saturday to start a month of 'maternity leave' with them where we'd try to get to know them better, work on speaking English with them, and try to connect as a family unit. 

It's been a week of 'firsts' for them. On Saturday afternoon, they went swimming for the first time and loved it. Although shivering half the time, they wouldn't get out of the pool for an hour. They both enjoyed floating in Terrill's arms and being thrown into the air. They are very daring! 

After swimming, we went out to a Chinese restaurant with some friends. In the middle of the room was a fish tank with brightly colored fish. I forget what I thought when I first saw a live fish, but the girls were captivated and wanted to touch them. It's little things like this that we take for granted. Many mountain-dwelling people have never seen live fish.
The next day we went out for lunch again and the girls got their faces painted. So many new experiences. They're exhausted at the end of each day, but we feel like they're handling the changes well.
We've also taken them to several playgrounds. Janet is like a little monkey who enjoys crawling/climbing on anything and everything. She's very self-confident and courageous, which we hear is a trait of children who've grown up having to fend for themselves.
Riding in a buggy and having juice at the grocery store:
Always following in her sister's footsteps...Lemu is a little slower than Janet but seems to be more coordinated.
Did I say coordinated?
More to come...


The Reeds said...

This is so great!! I can't believe how brave they were to get in the water! You guys must be having as big of an adventure/learning curve as them. So wish we could be there to watch and experience it with you.
Much love,

Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

Atsewaakano “Let’s play☺☺☺☺”! How absolutely cool to swim in that pool (no pun intended☺!) when even during the rainy season there are no such bodies of water for fishing, much less swimming, in all of Ikland. Meanwhile, Chinese food … don’t forget that Mexican restaurant as well☺! Bless you four as each day brings new adventures, and thank you for your always delightful pictures☺☺☺☺!
Much love,
Rich and Sally

Anonymous said...

I love that I recognize so many of the places in these photos and can picture the girls discovering them for the first time! And I love to see the precious looks on their faces and the joy evident on yours as well. :)


Notinthewild said...

So thrilled to see these. :)

Notinthewild said...

What fabulous pictures. Reposting a few to Facebook so they can reach the widest audience possible!
Those girls and you both are amazing to be adapting so well to such immense changes.

lisa said...

I'll bet the girls aren't the only ones exhausted at the end of the day! Love the pictures, especially the joy on your faces as you are with them.