Friday, April 19, 2013


Well folks, we've had these two girls for almost two weeks now. I'll be honest and admit it's not been easy. We had no idea that parenting children took so much time & energy. These children, especially, are in need of lots of loving care since they've been frequently handed between caregivers and haven't had much consistency. Janet was sent to the Ik area when she was 3.5 years old and probably hasn't been held and kissed in the last year and a half. She is soaking up all our affection. And we're happy to give it. But man...does it take time! So we find ourselves exhausted at present...but we have no regrets. Each day finds us loving these girls a little more. I've started the paper work to make the foster care legal, so you can pray for me as I go to do some interviews tomorrow. We'd like to take these girls to Kampala with us for a month of 'maternity leave' so we can get to know them and immerse them in an English-speaking community. We'd like to spend the month of May in Kampala, but that would mean I'd need the proper paperwork in a few weeks. And, the man in charge of doing this (Kaabong probation officer) just so happens to be going on leave for two weeks. We're hoping to get everything done tomorrow and to be official. 

Below are some pictures from our first 10 days together. The girls are being exposed to new things and adjusting surprisingly well to our lifestyle. Terrill hung a swing for them in our compound and we find them on it every day. 
 They also still enjoy the hammock. Both girls are thumb-suckers but as the days go by, we see them doing it less and less.
 They LOVE brushing their teeth...or should I say...they LOVE eating toothpaste. Lemu vomited up her breakfast this morning after a glob of toothpaste got stuck in her throat. She kept gagging until it came up. I'll have to file that piece of info. away for future reference when giving her toothpaste. Small amounts are best.
 Both girls like to mix up anything that I put in front of them. Janet & I were making cookies. When the cookies went into the oven, both girls stood in front of the oven and watched until the cookies were done baking. They also liked the heat of the oven door. Reminded them of their village fires.

 They also LOVE taking baths in warm, soapy water. We count this a that love to brush teeth and bathe. ;) They make a game of blowing bubbles at each other. They'll both enjoy swimming lessons.
 This one came up from blowing bubbles with a bubble beard. Even when they splashed water all over the look at this face and I was putty.

 My good friend, Cassidy, got this little robe for Lemu and I thought she looked just like a little bear cub.
Lemu thought that by putting on my sunglasses that she could look as cool as Terrill. 
They are just starting to get into coloring. A new concept for village children. 
 Most of the time, they're hanging off of either Terrill or I. Happy after eating cookies.
 Janet found these goggles at a friend's house and wore them all day while playing.
 More cookies and affection.
 Lemu saw Terrill digging and wanted to give it a try. Can you tell she's a copy-cat?
Addendum: I wrote this blog several days ago but have been unable to publish it until today. I did go to Kaabong and over the course of two days, got the foster care paperwork completed. Thank God for His favor in this. Now we are free to travel with the girls. We were the first ever in Kaabong to do foster care without being a relative of the children. 


The Reeds said...

What an exciting time! I'm so thankful you got the paperwork taken care of. What a huge time May will be! So many "firsts". I can only imagine how exhausted you guys must be. Going from none to two at once? Wow. I'm praying for you guys. They look ADORABLE. Now those old ads of "Calgon, take me away!" may seem really pertinent to both of you on particularly "fun" parenting days. :)

Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

Talk about "Before a word is on our tongues, God knows it" (Psalm 139:4): We just opened this post today, saw your prayer request for the papers at the beginning of the post, and immediately started to pray as we lingered over all those ADORABLE pictures. By the time we were at the final ADDENDUM, we read that the papers were APPROVED☺☺!! And so, Itayo maraƋitik “Bon voyage" for the FOUR of you now in Kampala☺☺☺☺!!”

Anonymous said...

Terrill and Amber,
What wonderful news. they really are cute! I read in Colossians this morning the prayer that God would give strength, endurance, patience, and joy, and will join in on that one! I remember you were concerned whether they would be eager to adopt bathing habits so the bubble pics are a blessing. Hope you can get some rest! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Reading this post has made my day!! I'm so thankful that God orchestrated everything with the paperwork and so thankful that these two sweet girls have you and that you have them. :) That picture of Janet in the goggles is fabulous!


Cassidy said...

Oh these faces pierce my heart and flood it with joy. My heart overflows for you and your family.