Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Great Outdoors

A lot of our work, both here and in Uganda, is on the computer. So when we get a chance to do some activities out of doors, we try to take it! Here's a quick glimpse of a few of the fun things we've had the privilege of doing over the last couple of weeks:

My dad, Arlin, has gotten into biking, and he likes to take people with him. One Saturday a little while back, he, Amber, and I took a nice bike ride on Old Shell Rd. in Mobile.

Old Shell Rd. took us right past the campus of my alma meter, the University of South Alabama.

After we left Mobile that weekend and came back to Tallahassee, we had the opportunity to attend the annual Greek food festival at the Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox church. This is the place you come to get awesome Greek food and drinks, hear Greek music, and tour the Greek church.

This year it was extremely hot (you can see how red our faces were!), so we didn't stay long after downing our gyros. Here's a photo of us with Jaxon, one of our little nephews (son of Josh & Amanda Gingerich):

Just this past weekend we had the awesome privilege of being taken kayaking by Chad Northington on the Wakulla River. The Northingtons have been ministering in Cameroon for some time with World Transformational Ministries, but are now taking some time to establish a home base in Tallahassee. They threw a house-warming party at their home this weekend and also took some time to hang out with just us, which was great. On Sunday we headed down to the river on a beautiful day:

Ahh, now this is the life!

We topped it all off with a good country seafood lunch!

These three outdoor activities are just further examples of how kind folks have been to us and how richly God has blessed us on this furlough. Dad & Mom Schrock, Dad & Mom Gingerich, Chad & Tiffany---and MANY others not mentioned in this post---THANK YOU!

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Chad said...

The kayaks are itchin' to get out again...

So glad we were able to share that special day together. Our prayers are with you as your journey continues.