Monday, October 8, 2012

On to Powhatan, Virginia

Terrill & I have a 'history' of sorts in Powhatan. Terrill used to spend summers here as a kid on his great aunt & uncle's farm. He also spent his senior year in high school here. So he has a number of friends and family here as well as connections to a church, Powhatan Mennonite. I just so happened to have two friends from Blountstown, FL that have migrated to Powhatan after marrying local guys. It was actually kind of exciting to visit Powhatan and reconnect with high school friends. 

Since my birthday was on Tuesday, we wanted to go on a special outing. Instead of giving gifts, Terrill & I like to make memories together. This time around, we decided to go fossil hunting with our dear friends, Jan & Phoebe Ranck. Jan drove us down to the James river to a strip of shoreline where she's gone for many years to find shells. 
 A closer look at the wall. 
Sadly, we found that the riverbank where the fossils are found is being destroyed to make room for property development along the river. Above the rocks in the photo below is a cleared area where someone can buy a two-acre plot for $450,000 and put up a house. We dug through the sand looking for fossils even as we lamented the destruction brought by 'development'. Is it worth it, folks? 
 While digging through the sand along the water's edge, we found a tooth of some kind. It looks a little small to be a shark's tooth but it was in remarkably good shape. 
 After fossil hunting, we had a picnic on the beach. What a fun day with friends and a memorable birthday!
 That evening, 'Mammaw' (Phoebe Ranck) made me an apple pie to celebrate. It's my first birthday celebrated in the states in the past five years.
 The next day I got to take a walk with my dear Blountstown friends, Allie and Ruthann. A new friend, Rachel, also came along for the stroll. I got the chance to meet Allie's new baby girl, Heidi. 
 On another day, Terrill & I gathered with some friends at the County Seat restaurant. On the left are Pres & Carolyn Nowlin who we stayed with in Powhatan. They are dear people who opened their home and hearts to us. We thank God for people like them who continually love, encourage and pray for us while we're overseas. Phoebe (on the right next to Allie) is another one of our prayer warriors. This lovely lady is my penpal and constantly remembers us in her prayers. I know this because she tells us so. And I'm certain that the grace of God has covered our lives because of her prayers. 
 Terrill & I with Phoebe. How good it is for the body of Christ to come together! This is one reason we travel around during furlough and see our friends.


The Reeds said...

Happy happy birthday! What sweet friends and fellowship. I'm sorry about the fossils but glad you chose to spend your time making that a memory since it won't always be an option.. :(
But.. Happy birthday!

Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

"Many a month ere now spent I, between Pamunkey and Mattaponi..." As soon as I spotted that sign bemarking the Jamestown Ferry, I was carried back in my mind to old Virginy, to the most WONDERFUL year I had spent in the Army, from June 1971 to early 1972, stationed at Fort Lee just outside Petersburg, a welcome rehabilitation just after returning from the most DANGEROUS year in Vietnam. Here I met the best friend I would ever have in the service, and he and I would each weekend go out to explore a new wonder this most historic of states had to offer: Jamestown, Williamsburg, Petersburg, Richmond, Mount Vernon, and yes, the Pamunkey and Mattaponi reservations, remnants of the once powerful Powhatan confederation which had once peopled this peninsula. Great memories, and one day I hope to introduce Sally to them as well on a trip up the east coast. We may not have the lovely family there or find the fossils you have (thank you for the wonderful pictures☺☺), but in this part of the country it is impossible NOT to make a marvelous memory. Virginia IS for lovers☺☺!!