Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ole Miss, etc.

From Birmingham, we headed on over to Oxford, MS, home of the University of Mississippi, where my sister Laura attends school. She's lived there for a couple of years, earning a degree in American literature and teaching composition and lit to undergraduate students. She's one smart cookie, and I sincerely believe that by the time she finishes her degree, she'll be able to speak American! Here I am with Laura near her office:

Laura recently successfully passed her 'oral exams'. She had to study over 60 books for that, and the exam consisted of two hours of 'grilling' in the room pictured below:

Congratulations, Laura, on a job well done!

Laura shares her home with a variety of critters, including fish and a turtle that live in the aquarium seen below. We joke with her that if the literature career falls through, she could also go into herpetology. Hey, it's a thought!

Laura is a connoisseur of fruit smoothies, and she shared her productions with us numerous times:

During the week, we took some glorious walks around Oxford, a town full of towering oaks and gorgeous homes. We also liked perusing antique stores...especially the old books section!

Over the weekend, we drove up to Memphis to visit some friends, including Curvin & Joann Hursh, folks Terrill has known his entire life. Curvin & Joann work for Choice Books, the same company Terrill's father works for in Alabama.

The Hurshes kindly shared part of their Saturday with us, taking us up into downtown Memphis, where we first pigged out at Miss Polly's, a local joint known for serving waffles with chicken. I never would have put those together, but it worked!

Later we met up with Aaron & Hannah Mason, a couple with the Southern Baptist mission board who will be joining the Echelon team in Kaabong this coming January.

In the evening we walked with Laura and the Masons along the mighty Mississippi River:

That night, we drove with the Masons up to the home of Bob & Janet Lane, the parents of Robert Lane (whose wife is Maridith) who is also a member of the Echelon team mentioned above. We've known Robert and Maridith for ten months now, and they are great friends to us, so it was a privilege to get to meet Robert's parents:

Sunday afternoon, we and Laura made a spontaneous decision to go to the Memphis Zoo. Having been in so many African game parks, I thought the zoo would only be mildly interesting, but man was I wrong. We ended up spending 4.5 hours there and still didn't see everything! Awesome time.

Northern Mississippi and western Tennessee were just beautiful this time of year, and we feel so thankful for being able to visit friends and family in these wonderful locations.

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