Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Swiss Heritage

Before I write more about our travels, I want to share some parting photos of Ohio. We left last Monday and headed towards Powhatan, Virginia. It continues to strike me as odd that I've ended up in Uganda considering I came from a place like Ohio. The two places are worlds apart and yet similar in some ways. Both the Amish and Ik will farm for survival this year. Terrill & I love living around farmland whether it be here or in Uganda. 
A real treat was visiting the Swiss festival with my cousins. It's a celebration in Sugarcreek, Ohio that is put on to remind us of our Swiss roots. Sugarcreek is known as the little Switzerland of Ohio. As a child, I used to wear a little Swiss outfit and march in this parade, twirling a baton. Not my finest moments...but full of good memories. The band played polka music for the near-by crowds.

This is my maternal grandmother, Doris, and I sharing a moment. It's good to have these times in life when we stop to reflect where we came from and how those people/places have shaped who we've become.


The Reeds said...

Oh Amber- a picture of you twirling in that outfit would be wonderful!

Terrill and Amber Schrock said...

Dream on. I'll never let those pics hit the internet. ;)