Thursday, August 9, 2012

For all you good ole' boys

You're not the only ones who enjoy a nice wad of chewing tobacco. The Ik grow tobacco in their gardens and then dry it before grinding it into a fine powder for sniffing. They call it their 'dry coffee' and it really does have enhancing effects for their moods. Other Ik prefer to chew the dry leaves of tobacco before it is ground. Some will chew it for days at a time. But what to do when it's time to eat and you need to save your wad? You tuck it behind your ear until tomorrow. Men & women alike indulge in this favorite past-time.

1 comment:

Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

Bere ncie loto…ď … can we update that old song “Does the tobacco lose its flavor on the earlobe overnight?”☺