Wednesday, July 11, 2012

AIMing high

Recently we had the privilege of hosting Brian & Kathy DeSchmidt, regional reps for Africa Inland Mission (AIM). Brian & Kathy have decades of experience in missions in Lebanon, Lesotho, Seychelles, South Africa, Madagascar, Kenya, and now Uganda. Their wisdom, passion, vision, and kindness were a real encouragement to us. 

To help Brian and Kathy complete their survey, we covered about half of Ik territory in our vehicle, sometimes in extremely high grass, sometimes on newly-graded roads. We also gave them an orientation to Ik odokik, short, narrow outer gates that require you to bend down and squeeze through. All good fun!

AIM is interested in sending a 'TIMO' team to work among the Ik. TIMO is a two-year missions internship for people interested in going into missions full-time. TIMO is an intense program that has an academic syllabus and places its participants in the homes of the local people (in this case 'villages' or 'manyattas' of the Ik). The program holds the following as core values: 

1 Spreading the good news of Jesus Christ
2 Commitment to the local language and culture
3   Relationships, relationships, relationships
4 Proclaiming Jesus through lifestyle and speech
5 Living among the local people
6 Learner attitudes
7 Simple lifestyle
8 Teamship
9 Prayer as ministry
10 Training for a lifetime
11 Presence as ministry
12 Respect for the local church

Since these are values we hold ourselves, we are excited about the possibility of TIMO coming to the Ik. Pray for AIM as they make plans to send a team in the next couple of years!


Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

My own orientation to Ik odokik when I first entered Moruatap 16 years ago reminds me that you have to enter an Ik village on your KNEES, just as Brian is doing, in an attitude of HUMILITY, BOTH before the LORD and before the Ik you will be serving. THANK YOU TWO for serving BOTH with such faithful humility these past four years, and for inviting TIMO TEAMS to TIMU and elsewhere in Ikland whose values, as stated in this post, appear to be just as honoring to the LORD and gracious to the Ik (I Thess. 2:8)☺☺!!

The Reeds said...

What a neat couple! It looks like they blessed you. Hoping Fujo is doing well...

Anonymous said...

The Ik don't need a change in religion. Can you just come and serve without the mission of converting them?