Friday, June 29, 2012

An update on Mandella

As many of you know, we've been concerned about a 13-year old Ik boy
named Chilla Mandela. He became sick last year and by August was
unable to walk or control his urine anymore. We continually requested
the parents to bring Mandela to our compound so we could drive him to
the hospital. For five months, they avoided us and did not bring the
boy. Finally in February of this year the father came to me requesting
pain medicine for a headache. I negotiated with him that I would give
him medicine after he agreed to go with Mandela to the hospital. He
finally agreed. We drove to a place near Mandela's village and loaded
him up. At the hospital, the doctors in Kaabong let us know pretty
quickly that they could not help Mandela because they didn't have an x-
ray machine that worked or other proper diagnostic tools. So we took
him home but decided to transport him to Kampala later that month to
see a British doctor. In Kampala, Dr. Stockley did an x-ray and some
blood work. After spending the day at his office, it was determined
that Mandela had contracted Tuberculosis of the spine. He was put on
medication and told to go somewhere for a follow-up visit in a few
months. We brought Mandela home and he's been taking his medicine
faithfully since then. We've seen him improving over the months as
well. At his worst, he could only sit at a 45 degree angle without
pain in his back or a tremor in his legs. Now he can sit at a 90
degree angle and his mobility has increased significantly. He has knee-
pads on and can crawl around the compound. He hadn't been able to do
this since last August. He is still somewhat incontinent of urine
(especially when he is stressed) but he is gaining a small degree of
control. He also reports that all back pain is gone no. When he was
last taken to Kaabong hospital, we were told that he'd need one more
month of medication and then at least a month of physical therapy to
regain some of the strength in his legs. Our hope is still that
Mandella would one day walk again. But more than that, we pray that
this experience will draw him to the Lord. Please lift Mandela up with
us in prayer.


Cassidy said...

Father, I ask that you would graciously touch Mandela with your healing power, restoring him to full health, and would draw this boy's heart to know you and love you. May he be a warrior for Truth and a proclaimer of the excellencies of Jesus Christ. No thing is too large for you. I pray you would hear our prayers and answer them, Lord. Amen.

Kate said...

Praying for sweet Mandela! Thanks for the update :)

The Reeds said...

Oh sweet boy. I'm so glad you're there for him and we pray for healing, most ultimately of the spirit. We love you guys and are thinking of you and praying for you constantly now. Hoping any day now our wires will cross and we can actually communicate...

Much love,

The Reeds said...

Poor Fujo! Sorry for him. Will he be okay?

Andy Sweet said...

Like it! That's so great.