Friday, June 8, 2012

In the Beginning

Milestones come and go in this language and translation work, and sometimes I hardly notice! Maybe that's one of the hazards of the job. In any case, this week our Ik translators---Philip, Daniel, and Sylvester---made the first draft of Genesis chapter 1! So this 'in the beginning' refers not only to the beginning of the Bible but also to the beginning of our working together as a team.
I'll spare you the text of the entire chapter, but I did want to post a few excerpts (for those of you who can read it...Richard? And those who can appreciate it aesthetically if not intelligibly).
First verse of the first book of the first testament of the Bible, translated into Ik:
Noo itsiaketonio iɗimetoo Ɲakuʝa didigwariyaa nda kiʝ. (Genesis 1:1)
And other verses I like in Ik:
Kutoo koto Ɲakuʝa, "Iyoo iwiron," nda iyoni iwironi. (Genesis 1:3)
Kutoo koto Ɲakuʝa, "Iɗimetano roɓa ikwaanatie nda njin, ƙamatie njini, ipukaini nta nkolea ni ɲanamui nda gwaicika ni bur, inoicika ni barana kiʝoo muɲ, nda iɗimotosiicika muɲu ni ɓeƙesata ʝumugwariao." (Genesis 1:26)

Enuo Ɲakuʝa ɗia nuu iɗimeta muɲ, maraŋaakatik. Iyukoo widza nda iyukoo barats---odowoo noo tuudonie nda keɗi kona kiɗaa. (Genesis 1:31) 


The Reeds said...

Wow! That's wonderful! Praise God!

Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

"IYOO IWIRON" -- "LET THERE BE LIGHT"!!! Thus runs the LORD'S glorious declaration in GENESIS 1:3 in the newly translated FIRST DRAFT of GENESIS 1 sent us by TERRILL this morning☺☺!!. A longer THANK-YOU will follow in the next day or so, but BLESS you, Philip, Daniel, and Sylvester for a wonderful ITSIAKETON "BEGINNING"☺☺☺☺!!!!

Kate said...

WOW! I am overwhelmed with joy for the Ik and for you guys! And I had a jolly old time trying to read these verses. :)

jessica paulraj said...

This is incredible..."The Word became flesh and dwelt among us". He is at work among you. Before you came, now thru His Word taking written form, and long after. Beautiful beautiful testimony!

Taylor said...

So wonderful and exciting!!!