Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strength in Numbers

We've had a lot of visitors this year! A few weeks ago we had the privilege of hosting Terrill's parents, Arlin & Velma Schrock, as well as his uncle and aunt, Calvin & Mary Jane Schrock. Having close family or friends---people with whom we share a lot more in common---with us in Timu gives us emotional strength. It's nice to have members of our 'tribe' live with us from time to time. There really is strength in numbers. We've become ol' veterans of aloneness, but that doesn't mean we always like it!

The Schrocks & Schrocks stayed with us for a good two weeks. We took a week meandering our way up to Timu all the way from Entebbe, then a full week in Timu, followed by a weekend on safari. Here's a picture of us enjoying a first lunch together in Entebbe (Cheers!):

On the way up north we encountered some of the worst driving conditions we've ever been through since coming to Uganda: lots of rain and mud! Here's a picture of us cleaning some 'black cotton' soil out of our shoes. Or, should I say, trying to clean it out!

It seems like we spent a lot of time in the truck this time...but we sure had a good time (though sometimes scary, I'll admit). Here's a picture of Mary Jane, Velma & Arlin (left-to-right) engrossed in conversation along the way:

We love when visitors bring us goodies from home! (Thanks, Schrocks!) It's always like Christmas in...March...May...or whenever. It's also fun when we have gifts to give to the Ik. Here's a picture of an old lady named Cecilia who was the blessed recipient of a blanket (she's sitting in front of it) made by Terrill's grandmother, Anna Weber. No more chilly nights for her!

Our recent spate of visitors have also helped us with a ton of projects. Below is a picture of all of us enjoying our first breakfast in our new 'sitting hut'. Arlin and Calvin put in quite a few hours helping us finish this bad boy (the Atmore Team in March helped us get it started). It's specially designed to allow sleeping on top to watch the stars. In addition to the sitting hut, the whole crew helped do some painting and varnishing down at the clinic, as well as up at our house on the ridge. Calvin applied his mechanical expertise to making and installing a home-made solar water heater and fixing a variety of things around the ol' Schrock Homestead. Meanwhile, the ladies were a whirlwind in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and washing up a typhoon. They also made some curtains for our bookshelves; a safeguard against the dust we have for most of the year.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, Calvin and Mary Jane, for making the long, long journey to and around Uganda, just to be with us! We were blessed, and we hope you were to. Until next time!

Ilakasuƙotimaa zuku ʝiki muka!

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Grace H. said...

Aw... the Golf Nest, my almost dog... this post is making me homesick!