Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Office renovations

As many of you know, we had a work team come visit us from Atmore, Alabama in mid-March. I've been trying to get these pictures up for almost two weeks but our internet has been terrible lately. Better late than never. The team of five people: Don Metzler, Keith Hess, Doreen Hess, Jake Penner and Jon Yoder stayed with us for a week and a half, helping us to renovate this old health center (below). We had gotten special permission from the government to use this building for awhile in exchange for the renovations. The first thing they did was to put barbed wire on the fence posts, enclosing the compound. This was a key aspect of the renovations so we could make the office more secure from those who might want to vandalize. Also, as much as we love the children, we need to keep them out of our hair during office hours. Without a fence, they would be staring in the windows nonstop. Ironically, a few of the children helped the team to put up the fence.
And the finished fence. Isn't it a beauty?
Another task the team worked on was to finish some of the cement work around the building. It was grueling work and they didn't start out as experts, but I think they went home with a new skill for their resumes.
And then there was the dirty work of cleaning the building before the painting. It's previous inhabitants had been bats, spiders and it did not smell the best. We also had to wash graffiti off several of the walls.
Another task was to get the water-catchment system set up. They put gutters into place and made a platform for the water tank. Jake had to climb into the tank to clean the loose debris out. We all resisted the urge to roll him down the hill. When the tank was set up, we filled it part way with water from the well and attached it to the gutters with a pipe that will allow water to flow directly into the tank. Now we will have a steady water supply, especially during rainy season.
And then we started painting. It took hours and days. We painted high...we painted low...we painted inside and out.
We painted on our knees, standing tall or on ladders.
We painted with brushes and rollers. If there is one thing that got was painting.
But when they were done, the results were exciting. We have fresh office spaces and places to interact with the Ik.
This is the waiting room on the clinic side of the building. A new medicine window was installed and doors were hung.
This is the big room (for translation work) on Terrill's side of the building. He's already started holding his translation classes here. The Ik love having a place of their own to work in.
This is my new clinic space. I was hoping that the bright color would chase away the fears that small children have of the doctor. They usually associate clinics with injections and some start crying right when they enter the room. I can't tell you how thankful I am for this room. For a few years now, I've been operating off of a mobile cart that we carried around to wherever I set up shop. Now I have a whole room. Praise God for the small things!
And this is the finished product. The building is now cheerful and functional. The Ik are proud to have such a nice building in their area and they're hoping that we will invite district officials up here to show the building off. I'm not sure if we'll comply with their wishes, but I must say I'm pretty proud of this building as well. A big 'Thank You' to Don, Keith, Doreen, Jake & Jon. We couldn't have done this without you. I also want to thank all of you who have prayed for this time we had with the team. The days were covered with God's grace and his mighty provision. And thank you to our friends, Dave & Linda Marcy, who contributed funds towards this project and have prayed for the Ik since the mid-80's. We have an office! May God use this building for his glory and for the enrichment of the Ik community.


Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

IlakasuĆ™otia zuk "Thank you very much" is far too inadequate a phrase to express our gratitude to you two and all those who worked with you to construct this magnificent compound, from the cutting and hauling of fenceposts from far away to the last stroke of cheerful yellow paint☺! We know that this building will indeed be used in so many ways for the benefit of all the Ik; but we furthermore pray that the LORD for Whose glory it was lovingly constructed will count it to ALL of you who had a hand in its construction as "gold, silver, and costly stones" on CHRIST'S foundation toward your HEAVENLY mansions (I Cor. 3:10-14)☺☺☺☺☺

The Reeds said...

Awesome post! It looks like you had a great team that did great work. And the office looks SO good. I want to see it in person...

Notinthewild said...

Yellow can do so much.