Sunday, April 22, 2012

Life behind the scenes

I had to do just one more post about the work team's visit. I showed you before all that they did while 'on the clock'...but here are a few photos of what life was like 'off the clock'. 
Kaabong airstrip as seen from the MAF flight coming in.

Doreen painting fingernails.
Meeting with local officials and having tea.
Jake doing more fingernails, boys and girls alike.
Meeting with the Ik. Jon had a newborn baby named after him while he was here.
Making time for tea.
Going on a hunt with the Ik. 
An Ik man carrying his portion of meat on his back.
After the hunt...tired and dirty but still smiling.
Doing endless dishes.
Washing clothes by hand.
Carrying water from the well up the hill. 
Making us a privacy fence near our guest house. 
Hiking Ik paths to visit our sick friend, Mandella. 
Life with the Ik is certainly not easy, but it helps us to appreciate the simple things in life like:
-running water
-washing machines and dishwashers
-meat from the freezer section
-a good cup of tea in the afternoon
-neighbors and friends
-travel on paved roads
-how a little paint can put a smile on a child's face.


The Reeds said...

As always so wonderful to see. I'm amazed at how you've managed to ever upload pictures or blog. You guys are awesome. And the privacy fence looks great! Does it help? Or I should say, HOW MUCH does it help?

We love you guys, g

Kate said...

Love that privacy fence! :)

Notinthewild said...

My thoughts like Kate's . . . Yea for the privacy fence!!

Grace H. said...

What a fine dog!