Monday, March 5, 2012

Fencing is not a sport

At least not the type of fencing that we're doing.

As many of you know, we've undertaken to renovate this old health center (below) in order to turn it into offices for ourselves. The clinic will operate out of the left side and the translation offices will operate out of the right side. When my parents visited in December, they helped us to start the tedious process of painting the entire building, inside and out. We painted enough in the translation offices so that we'd be able to use them even now. In a few weeks, a work team from one of our supporting churches in Atmore, Alabama will come to help us finish up the renovations, Lord-willing. In preparation for this time, we've been buying supplies and transporting them to Timu. One of the tasks we would like to accomplish this month is getting a security fence in place around the health center. Terrill wrote a few weeks ago about what it took to get poles from eucalyptus forest a couple hours' drive away. Below the poles are being unloaded at the office site.
Next the poles got varnished in hopes of protecting them from the elements.
And then Terrill did the tedious work of walking around the fence parameter and marking the ground where each of the 72 poles would go. Below is the very first pole to be put in place. Before putting it in the ground, we had to cover the end with old motor oil to help protect the wood from Timu's small termite population.
Terrill tried to line up the poles as best he could considering where we live and what resources we have available. His faithful companion, Luka, was at his side holding the tape measure. Every ten feet he'd mark the place for the next hole.
Once the ground was marked, several other Ik would follow behind and dig a two foot hole where the marker had been. They dig with pick-axes and metal rods as opposed to shovels. Since we've had no rain for a number of months, the ground is very hard.
Just yesterday, all the holes had been dug and the poles were set in place. We still need to go around and 'termite-proof' the poles before putting them permanently in the holes. The next step will be to attach the barbed-wire. This will be a job for the team. Please pray for the time we have with this work team. Pray for fellowship, fruitful activity and for blessings to flow not just into the building...but into the Ik community as well.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to see you have the holes dug already. We are looking forward to our time with you soon. Take care. Don