Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More destruction

One night last week, Terrill & I heard a horrible scraping sound for several hours. Every time we went to check on things in the kitchen, the noise disappeared. The next morning, this is what we found:For those of you who don't recognize this image, it's the top of my pressure cooker. A mouse was actually eating the plastic off the top of my pressure cooker. It's just sick and wrong. Thankfully, he didn't do enough damage to make my pressure cooker not function properly and I can still use it. But, this was war! For those of you who don't know me well...one does not mess with my pressure cooker. A trap was set and the next night, the mouse was dead before he could think about my pressure cooker again. One point for mankind.


Notinthewild said...

Sad, sad story!
But your passion for the pressure cooker really comes through. :)
My conviction that there are two sides to every story leads me to believe that it was worth it for the mouse, on the odd chance that she could cut her teeth on some delicate American (Chinese?) plastic.

Cassidy said...

love the line, that this was "sick and wrong"!