Monday, January 30, 2012

Translation training

One of the obvious prerequisites for starting Bible translation is that translators are trained in the basic principles of translation. Because we'd like to start translating scripture in 2013, this month we've begun an informal training course for future Ik translators. It's not always easy knowing who would make a good translator, so I just invited seven people from the three Christian denominations. So far, six of those seven have been regularly attending. Their names are Lokol Philip, Longoli Philip, Ngoya Joseph, Lokwameri Sylvester, Komboni Daniel, and Nangole Elizabeth. Here is a picture of them in animated discussion about how to write their language:

We meet every Wed. and Fri. from 9-12:30. Amber comes down and makes tea or coffee for us over break. We're meeting in the health center that we hope to renovate and make into an office, both for the language work and the medical ministry.

Although I've studied translation in the past, it's been about five years. So this course is also a refresher for me. I do my best to explain concepts that are new to the participants and sometimes more abstract than they are used to. The course material I am using includes more than 35 lessons, so we'll have plenty of time to practice:

This past week our linguistic consultant, Oliver Stegen, visited us in the Ik area. He came to help us work out some of the remaining issues concerning how to write the Ik language, like tone, vowel harmony, voiceless vowels, clitics, etc. Although we still need to do more community testing, we did make some good progress. Here's Oliver holding one of his two 'guest lectures' in our translation course:

No alphabet and writing system is perfect, but we need to get it to a point where it can be used in the community. Much of the linguistic leg-work has been done in the last four years, but more discussion and testing with Ik people remains to be done.

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Rich and Sally Hoffman said...

Ilakasano kotere editina iƙoɓesiice “Thank you very much for the names of the translators”, and for these great photos from the workshops☺! Just looking at them, we wish we were there ourselves☺☺!! We will pray fervently for each class member as well as for you a the LORD anoints you to teach☺.