Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A parking update

Some of you may have remembered a blog we did last month about the woes of parking in Jinja. Well, I was so frustrated that I decided to do something about it. We have this magazine in Uganda specifically for westerners to help them 'get around' and have the best stay possible. It's called The Eye. Besides recommendations for lodging, restaurants and entertainment, it also gives a lot of useful information for people living in Uganda. One can find emergency numbers, maps and fees for game parks in The Eye.

All it took was a little email sharing our experience and frustrations with the staff of The Eye. I simply requested that they print the official parking prices for each of the major Ugandan towns in The Eye so people like us would not get taken for a ride (literally and figuratively). Last week I got an email back. They liked my idea and wanted to help. So, starting in February, the official parking fees will be printed in The Eye. And no longer will I have to sit and argue with the parking attendants that are trying to rip me off. I'll simply show them my copy of The Eye and that should be enough. After all, can they really argue with printed prices?


velma said...

that is called, "making a difference" :-)

Notinthewild said...


Jacob Reed said...

You are the most brilliant people in the world...seriously. My method was always to verbally duke it out with the giver-of-injustice. Your method is MUCH more efficient. Well done Master Jedi.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terrill and Amber - this is Simon and Shannon here. We hope you are well!

We're planning on going back to Uganda in May of this year and want to connect with you guys to see what your plans are for that month. Could you email me at simonholding@gmail.com to chat?



Kate said...

Waahoo!! This time Africa didn't win again!