Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More uses for mosquito netting

Terrill did a blog on mosquito netting a while back. Millions of nets are donated to Africa, yet don't always get used in the way they're intended to be used. We keep our eyes open for new uses of mosquito netting. Below are a few of our recent discoveries. Malo literally has no clothing. But...he has a mosquito net. It helps to keep the chill away.
Janet has no toys. But...she has a mosquito net and someone has tied it to a tree for her to swing from.
Ruka has no shoe repair kit. But...he has a mosquito net and it has faithfully held his shoe together for many miles of walking.

I think mosquito netting may have become the new duct tape...a solution for all of life's problems.


The Reeds said...

Love it! You guys are awesome!

Jacob Reed said...

If mosquito nets = duct tape, do WFP bags = bailing wire? LOL

Notinthewild said...

The local two-choice Wal-mart--flour and mosquito nets