Friday, January 20, 2012

Family Fun

I can't go another month or write another blog without giving you a glimpse of what our time with my dad & mom was like. I can't tell you enough how nice it is to have family visit us. These are people we can let our hair down with and by letting them in on our life, they understand a little better who we are and what we're about. On the way up to Kaabong, we stopped at our favorite restaurant in Jinja and enjoyed a meal of pork ribs. How can you not laugh with these guys around? Actually, my mom is the sweet one and my dad is the instigator as most of you already know. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree but I won't tell you which tree I fell from.
The next day we headed up to Sipi Falls where we hiked and relaxed for a few days. Dad, mom & I visited all three of the main falls.
When we got to Kaabong, we had to do some laundry. Dad was a trouper and gave a hand during the rinsing process.
And it was special when mom & I set up our little 4 ft. tree a few weeks before Christmas.
Dad & Terrill decided to take a 'walk about' and explore an unknown road to the near-by game park, Kidepo. The road literally vanished and had a 2 year-old tree growing in the middle of it. They had to turn around and take the well-worn road to Kidepo. But, it was an adventure and everybody knows that men can't resist adventure.
Once in Kidepo, they met some friends.
Back to Timu and we got to work. One night, the neighbor offered us some meat: monkey. Dad is debating the wisdom of consuming it. We didn't.
We started the renovations on the unused health building and did a good bit of painting in a week. This will be Terrill's office.
Dad & Terrill also worked on a sidewalk for me. We had so many weeds growing up in our sidewalk that they decided to put a nice stone walk in. Dad & Anton are cutting the stone to fit.
Mom & I visited several villages during the week. For some reason, she was drawn to all the babies around. Right in her element.

It was nice to introduce her to some of my friends too. This is Esther with us.
We ended the week by visiting a well-known elder, Lopie Faustino. Dad got a chance to interact with an older member of our community and give him a gift. It was lovely to share our life with others.


The Reeds said...

Oh Amber I love it. It must have been such a sweet time.

and the monkey meat? Brave (or crazy) man!

Notinthewild said...

Ha Ha I know which tree!

Eric and Theresa said...

Thank you for posting pictures. Glad you both had a great time and visit with your folks. I'm sure you miss them terribly as well as them missing you. Love, Eric and Theresa

Jacob Reed said...

What a great post! I'm so glad you guys got to enjoy their company. Looks like you had a great time.