Thursday, November 3, 2011

The 'makings' of a good baby shower

While in Entebbe at the beginning of October, Kate & I got to participate in a colleague's baby shower. Our friend, Irene, had delivered Josiah back in August. But in Uganda, it's typical to throw a party after the baby is born instead of beforehand. It did prove more convenient as well because Irene's husband could let us all know what the couple needed as far as baby apparel. The ladies of SIL who work with Irene decided to throw her a surprise party and her husband, Sam, was happy to help us. Below Robin is holding the baby boy, Josiah.
And a party isn't a party without good friends like Esther....
...and lots of food. Believe it or not, that fruit salad was almost finished by the time we left. Everyone was pretty excited about the grapes in the salad, which normally cost something like $5 per kilo. I personally hand't tasted a grape in about two years.
And then there were the party games, which Kate & I were responsible for. The first game involved picking safety pins out of a basket of rice while the participant is blind-folded. It was actually harder than one might think when using tiny safety pins. But we all giggled and cheered as the participants dug through the rice for their 60 seconds of picking. The next game involved birthing & pregnancy beliefs from different parts of the world. Kate & I had researched different traditions and we quizzed the ladies to see how close they could get to the country of origin. Below are some examples:
  1. A woman is told not to do any knitting while she’s pregnant as it could cause the umbilical cord to become wrapped around the baby’s neck. (BOLIVIA)
  2. The mother is supposed to keep her legs crossed during the postnatal period based on the belief that it will reduce the air flowing into her body, which could cause her abdomen to remain permanently fat. (GHANA)
  3. During pregnancy, women frequently eat a special kind of salty clay. When chewed, the clay is believed to increase appetite and decrease nausea. (SUDAN)
Next came the presents. As we each presented Irene with a gift, we also offered her a word of encouragement for raising Josiah. At the end, we offered up some prayers for her & Sam as they spend the next twenty years raising Josiah.
But we couldn't leave without a group this is our first attempt at getting organized.
Yes, it had the makings of a good baby shower.

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Notinthewild said...

What fun games! You've got to try them at an American baby shower. Btw, the Tanzanian women eat clay too--supposedly crave it when pregnant??