Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smiles from the local playground

I've said it before but let me repeat myself with some pictures. Yes, the kids can annoy us when they stand at our gate and yell at us to give them things...but they are also a highlight of my time in Uganda. I will never forget how much fun it is jump rope with them. I will always remember which kids like to get hugs because their parents don't hug them much. And I will carry their little smiles with me the rest of my life. Recently, Terrill & I have started going to the local village school and teaching one-hour sessions to the kids. Terrill has been going over the Ik alphabet and I've started some health education. Only God knows what the kids will do with this education. My most heartfelt prayer for these kids is that they would come to know the Lord. Pray for the children of Lokinene, Timu with us, won't you?Pray for Kusam (above) who is reserved and sensitive. He is an orphan with little instruction in his life.
Pray that these boys would grow into men who claim the name of Jesus and who lead their people with integrity.
Pray that these girls would raise healthy & happy families.
Pray that these children can sleep in peace, not fearing evil men or the enemy of our souls.
Pray that these children will be added to the number who worship the Lord in spirit and truth.

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