Sunday, August 21, 2011

Medical Manna

As many of you know, I run a small clinic....and sometimes it feels more like a dispensary. They have a headache, I give a Tylenol. I usually buy the medicines from a wholesale pharmaceutical store that generally sells to hospitals. I've also been so very blessed through donations from churches and individuals at home who kindly send packages filled with over-the counter medicines that are much needed and appreciated by the Ik.

Recently, a friend in Uganda connected me with another expat living here who had an excess of medical supplies. After talking on the phone, he confirmed that I could come over to his house and pick out whatever I wanted from the excess. It was getting dark when we arrived and I only had 45 minutes to pick out supplies, but I filled a big cardboard box. It felt like Christmas. I picked out bandages, gauze, tape, Ace wraps, syringes, thermometers, catheters, bulb syringes and more. He said that everyone else had taken the mass supplies of medications that he'd received but I was happy with what I got. God provides in unexpected ways. There were several types of bandages, steri strips & dressings I picked out that I can't buy in Uganda. Blessings to all you who give! It really matters.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like new medical supplies. Love seeing your smile! Mary