Saturday, August 6, 2011

First fruits

It's the time of year here in Ikland when some of the crops are starting to get ready. What you see in the picture are some fresh greens and boiled fresh pumpkin that people brought to us. When you give someone a gift of first fruits in this culture, it's a sign of blessing. We learned that the other day when some Karimojong visitors were at our home. Their car had broken down near Timu, and I went to help them. We couldn't get their car started, so I brought them back to our house to wait for a mechanic. In the meantime, we picked the first corn from our little garden, roasted it, and gave it to the visitors. They said it was a real blessing to be the ones to eat our first harvest. After a long season of hard work in the gardens, those first bites of fresh produce just hit the spot.

Who are you giving the best of what you have to?

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