Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Small friends

Since we're now spending a majority of our time in Timu, the people and place have become my constant companions...especially the children. If I had loved them as a people group before, now I can love them one by one since I'm learning their names and getting to know them. Being in community has it's perks but also it's challenges. This week we're trying to figure out how to set boundaries with the community that will allow us quiet times apart from them. Although we enjoy them, we'll not survive here unless we get this time apart. Pray with us for this.

My friend, Lojore, is jumping into a sand pit near the school. Ik kids don't have man-made toys or electronics; they play with what they find in their natural environment.
We brought a jump rope for the kids to enjoy. Now we hear a daily request in the afternoons at our gate: Bire nci sim (bring the rope). They often ask for me to jump with them and then like to swing the rope faster on purpose. Lemu Lucia is the girl jumping. She has a bubbly personality and always provides us with a laugh.

My neighbor & friend, Siti Rosemary is jumping in this one. Although only 14, she runs the household for her mother and takes care of her five siblings. Kids grow up fast here. Lojore, Nancy & Nakiru have a bonding moment. The kids are their own community when parents get too busy and can't spend much time with them. I think I'm becoming part of that community. I'm praying that God will help us show love to these kids and will give us opportunities to teach them truth.


Cassidy said...

Matthew 18:5 is such a beautiful, profound, and mysterious truth you are displaying, my friend. “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me..." May Jesus be what draws these children to you and what transforms their hearts.

Kate said...

Thanks for sharing, Amber! I'm so excited to meet each of these children and I'm glad to have names so I can begin praying for them now!

Martha Schmidt said...

I had to learn to simply tell people, "It's time for you to go home now." ....something we would not do in our culture!!

My children enjoyed their Karamajong friends...we often speak of them...and grow up fast as you have seen with Martha (Chipa) taking care of her own children and her siblings.

God bless you in your work there!

Big news here: The Republic of Southern Sudan is soon to July! An answer to prayer.