Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Karimojong Bible Dedication

In April we had the chance to attend one of the dedication ceremonies for the newly-printed Karimojong Bible called Ebaibul. It was intriguing to be there and imagine what it might be like in the future when the full Ik Bible is translated, published, and distributed. The first translation of the Karimojong New Testament was completed by the United Bible Societies in 1974. Then, in 1996, the Bible Society of Uganda produced a revised New Testament that accommodated more of the Karimojong dialects than the original. Now, the complete Karimojong Bible (including the Apocrypha for Catholics) is available in 2011.

As you can see, it's been a long time coming. And such things that take so long and so much effort deserve dedication and celebration, something that Africans do in a big way!

The first venue of the dedication was the Kotido Anglican church where celebrants gathered for introductions, singing, and staging the march through town.

After the beginning formalities, everyone marched through Kotido down behind a motorcade of vehicles, including one carrying loud speakers and a giant Bible. Speeches were made at the town center, the Pentecostal church, and then at the entrance of the Catholic school.

Finally, we all settled under white tents on loan from the United Nations to hear more speeches, sermons, pontifications, songs, etc., etc. from Catholic, Anglican, and Pentecostal Christians (the three mains churches in the area) as we waited (im)patiently for lunch...which didn't happen until close to 5 pm.

So you can see what written Karimojong looks like (it's quite beautiful, I think), here are the first five verses of the Bible, Genesis 1:1-5:

1 Anakisyakinet, abu Akuj tosub kidiama ka akwap. 2 Arae akwap ŋina amam iborekitamet ka amam ibore ayai tooma keŋ ka arapuwarit akiryonut kidiama nenicukul daadaŋ, aryakiryaki Etau ŋolo ka Akuj alokidiama ŋakipi. 3 Tema nai Akuj, "Toyakaun akica;" ido abu akica toyakaun. 4 Toanyu Akuj atemar ajok akica; totyaka Akuj akica anakiryonut. 5 Tolimok Akuj ekiro ka akica "Apaaran" ka ekiro ka akiryonut "Akuwar." Toyakaun ataboŋ ka toyakaun ataparacu, arae ŋin akoloŋit ŋina esyakinan.

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Rich & Sally Hoffman said...

Ejuka noi! Maraŋa zuk! Thank you both for taking the time to attend this, and for your beautiful pictures:)! Is that a larger-than-life opened NT on a float in the one photo? We will always pray for MANY dear Karimojong to come to know the Author of this Book as it is now distributed:)