Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do you ever see snakes?

Yes! We get this question a lot from visitors coming to Africa for the first time. What brought snakes to mind? I found a foot-long, blue-black thing slithering through my garden last evening. It was the first snake I've had to kill. Thank God it was small enough and easily cut with a hoe. For the amount of time we've been living in Uganda, we haven't actually seen all that many snakes. Sometimes Ik will come to me with a bite, mostly on the legs and feet which they got while working in their gardens where the grass is high and they're not wearing shoes. So far, nobody that I know has died from these bites. The leg becomes swollen and painful for a few days but eventually it heals and people have a good story to tell. The snake below we saw on the road while traveling through a remote area west of Kaabong. It was already dead when we found it. This particular snake is a puff adder and people who get bitten by these usually die. This snake we saw last fall and it was quite alive when we passed. Terrill immediately stopped the car. He & a friend got out and threw rocks at the snake until it was dead. It's just a common courtesy to kill a snake if you see one near-by. You never know who the snakes next victim might be. We do thank God for his protection over us from snakes these past few years.


The Reeds said...

Yikes! a puff adder? Scary. Glad you saw it and killed it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

I'm a conservation biology student currently studying in cape town. I'm hoping to do some research on the relationship between the Ik people and Kidepo Valley NP, seeing as they were forcibly evicted from kidepo and i'm currently trying to get a hold of any information I can regarding where the Ik are located in relation to the park, what the population size is and any other information really. Its all a bit difficult to find information online.

From what I've read about the Ik and from several of your blog stories its clear that these people have very little, so I think its awesome what you guys are doing!

I couldtn locate an email address so hope you dont mind i contact you like this!

Kind regards,

Maurice Schutgens