Monday, April 4, 2011

A full quiver

Although I don't have children yet, I have enough little Ik playmates to keep me busy all day long. Sometimes I almost feel like a full-time mom. Before school started we'd have children at our compound from morning till evening. But with school in session, the children are kept busy until early afternoon when they slowly find their way to us. They usually just stand at the fence and monitor our actions like a hawk. Apparently, we're the best show in town. At times, we feel like caged monkeys in a zoo. It can be a bit unsettling. But for the most part, we love these kids and want to pour good things into their lives.
This is Kusam making a funny face for the camera. He was helped out by a friend.
Nakiru, Nancy, Kuku & baby Jacob are sitting on our driveway and making beaded jewelry.
We have this huge beautiful pink flower that spreads wide when it blossoms. They're usually promptly picked and used as hats. Lina & Namongo are modeling for me.
This boy was taking a break from his long hike between villages. He's carrying kernels of dried maize home but wanted to see what was going on in our compound.
Terrill was doing some yard clean-up last Friday afternoon. Since we already had a group of children watching, we put them to work. Terrill used a wheelbarrow to fill in an old latrine with dirt. The childrens' job was to stomp the dirt down once it was poured into the hole. At one point there were about ten kids in the hole, singing and dancing as they stomped. These kids usually have a song at the ready for when an occasion calls for it.
We had some extra loose dirt that the kids were digging in. Terrill showed them how to bury each other as if it were sand at a beach. Thomas was a good sport about being buried but we had to monitor the other children as they tried to put dirt in the ears and mouth of the poor volunteer as well.
Towards the end of the work day the children began to tire. After several hours of playing, trying to talk with them, hugging & holding their hands....I was glad to send them back to their parents.


Rich and Sally said...

Emuta wice: Thanks for the delightful and funny pics of the kiddos. We'll continue to pray for your continuing good relations with them☺! "Of such belongs the Kingdom of Heaven....☺☺"

Martha Schmidt said...

How funny! I've said the same thing..."We are the best show in town." Once a young shepherd boy kept appearing totally naked at the gate...I fussed and fussed with him to go home and find his clothes....finally I gave in and gave him some clothes....the next day we had 5 or 6 little naked boys at the gate....lesson learned well!
Martha "Nakiru"

The Reeds said...

The buried head really freaked me out at first! I'm glad you're pouring into them (and around them) :). Fun post.

Miss you guys.

Notinthewild said...

Fun day playing in the sand at the beach. :)

Kate said...

I really loved this post! And cannot wait to meet them, God willing! :)