Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Closer Look at Giraffes

Last Sunday we went to a giraffe park where people can get a closer look at these intriguing animals. We went up the stairs to a raised platform where the giraffes could lean over the rail and eat pellets out of our hands. Some daring individuals even put pellets between their lips and let the giraffes lick them off. Ugh! Not exactly my cup of tea and I didn't let Terrill do it either. He had to choose between me & the giraffe. ;)

They have long purplish tongues that can reach 18 inches as an adult. The tongues are made of tough skin in order that they can eat thorns in the wild and be able to digest them properly. Giraffes are herbivores. To properly digest the leaves they usually eat, they swallow once, regurgitate, chew some more then swallow a second time.

Our Ik friend, Philip, has been close to many other wild animals but never a giraffe before.

The giraffes were domestic enough to eat out of our hands but they didn't like to be petted.

There are three types of giraffes in Kenya and they're differentiated by their different markings and colorings. The types are Masai, Reticulated & Rothschild.

They are currently the tallest animals in the world; usually between 16-18 ft. tall. Males weigh about 3000 lbs and females weigh around 2500 lbs. Not an enemy you want to make.

Having fun in Nairobi!


velma said...

makes mobile seem a bit boring:-)

Anonymous said...

I love giraffes! So glad you posted your visit with them. Cute pictues. You all look rested! Love you, Mary

ChadandRachel said...

That place looks familiar--I wonder if we were there on some EMM or MCC hyjinks, a kid's field trip or something, many years ago. If I'm remembering correctly, the giraffes weren't there, and we were disappointed.

Anonymous said...

WOW...looks like fun...-hannah

Anonymous said...

Dear Terrill,
When (and why) did you decide to become a linguist?
What courses did you have to take?