Friday, August 13, 2010


"Sister Visit" (sorry, a little too much time in the German book on Ik grammar today...) For three weeks last month we had the privilege of having my (Terrill) sister Laura visit us here in Uganda. We had a good time! Our first major adventure on the way to Ikland was a short safari in Murchison Falls National Park. Murchison Falls is where the entire volume of the Nile River passes through a 14 foot wide gap in the rocks. It's a pretty amazing thing to see. The park is also home to many of the classic East African wildlife species like elephant, hippo, buffalo, crocodiles, lions, etc.

This first photo shows Laura and me on our riverboat cruise of the Nile, at a point where they let you get off and have a photo op with the falls in the distant background.
The trip from Murchison to Kaabong was long and grueling, but Laura tolerated it well like the veteran of African road hardships that she is! We were kind enough to leave her a space in the middle seat roughly the size and shape of her self with a few inches to spare.
Another adventure we had in Ikland was hiking to the edge of the escarpment overlooking Turkanaland in Kenya below.
What fun we had reliving our childhood Africa experiences, this time as adults. We know the wildlife enjoyed Laura's being here (the geckos, slugs...and daddy-long-legs? No, the latter are GLAD she's gone), but so did the Ik. To this day people are asking where yeyo "your sister" has gone. K'a na ngo kij'ak "She has gone to our country", I tell them. This is met with understanding nods and reassurances of her imminent return. So, Laura, I guess you better start saving your money! We miss the good talks, episodes of LOST, nature walks...and maya waak (sorry, inside joke) Hurry back!

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